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Digestion Suggestions

A whole list of little tips to make your munchies healthier!

This list is always getting longer – you learn something new every day 😀

When at home …

  • Know serving sizes. Sometimes people assume that ‘one serving’ means how much they take at a time! Here’s a little help. 
  • Eat your meals on small plates. This will make your portion sizes seem larger, and will subconsciously make you feel full faster.
  • From plants, not in them. Eating whole, natural foods are good for your body and will provide the fuel you need. Foods that are manufactured and processed will leave you feeling hungry, making you prone to snacking.
  • Drinks = calories too. Beverages like soda, whole milk and other packaged drinks pack huge amounts of sugar and calories.
  • Never eat out of the bag. If you’re going to indulge, take out the recommended serving size and put it in a bowl. You never realize how much you’re munching on when you just keep reaching for more.
  • Never skip breakfast. It’s a common problem, but it’s called ‘the most important meal of the day’ for a reason. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, so without it you won’t be able to break down foods as well.
  • BUT, Breakfast should be healthy. So many people just grab a ‘quick croissant’ or other baked good, often from popular food chains. But did you know that one croissant requires 4 miles of running to work off?
  • Blend liquids. When making coffee or hot chocolate, do not boil just mix. Instead, boil half water and half milk – this will reduce the calories in your drink, and it doesn’t even taste different.
When at school/work …
  • Brown bag it. Packing your own lunch will save you calories, and not to mention money, at your work or school. So many calories are packed into small canteen lunches, and you can eat a lot more of your own healthy goods instead.
  • Take less cash when you go to school or work. Often, if you have a lot of spare moolah with you, you’ll be more tempted to buy unhealthy food and snacks.
  • Surround yourself with support. Spend time with friends or coworkers who support healthy eating. Hanging out with the people who grab a slice (or two, or three) of pizza for lunch everyday will make it harder to stick to your plan.
  • Spread the love. Bring extra carrot sticks or homemade pizza slices and share with your friends/ coworkers. Chances are they will enjoy your food, and might start bringing in their own! Helping other people get healthy is a great thing.
  • Plan it out. It’s easy to start munching on whatever is in sight when you are tired and bored (two of the occasional symptoms of school/ work!) Write out a meal plan the night before telling you what you can and will eat, and follow it throughout the day.
  • Beware the events. Special occasions such as a colleague’s birthday or a class celebration are nice, but bring high calorie goodies that those around you might not think twice about noshing on. But you should – enjoy a little, but don’t go off track with the sight of cookie platters.
When shopping …
  • Check nutritional labels. Even things that are marketed as healthy are sometimes not.
  • Fill ‘er up. Never, and I repeat NEVER, go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Every single item on the shelf will seem appetizing, and you’ll end up filling your cart with snacks that you don’t need but just grabbed in a famished frenzy.
  • Stick to the green. The ‘green aisles,’ as I like to call them, are the areas of the supermarket which have fresh fruit and veggies. You can wander around to get low fat dairy, bread, etc, but STAY AWAY from the snack aisles at all costs. All the nice packaging, which makes food look yummier than it is, will surely tempt you.
  • Avoid organic. Organic food is more expensive and has the same nutritional value as regular fruits and veggies. Healthy can be affordable too.
  • Wear tight clothes. If you’re wearing something a little too cosy, you’ll remember why you’re doing this. You’ll also be more uncomfortable, therefore wanting to get home faster. Wandering the supermarket in loose pajamas will make you forget about your weight loss and put you at ease.
When eating out …
  • Look up the facts. The internet is an amazing resource, so use it! Most popular restaurants have nutritional info on their websites, so skim through the menu before-hand to figure out what you can eat.
  • Skip the appetizer. Appetizers can have just as many, if not more, calories than a main dish. Sure, they’re to share, but they will fill you up to early, causing uncomfy bloating later on.
  • Sauce on the side. Dressings can make a salad higher calorie than a burger, believe it or not. Order all dressings and sauces on the side, not poured all over your entree, and use only a little.
  • Be generous. Share a dish with someone you’re dining with – the portions in restaurants these days are definitely big enough to accomodate this!

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  1. Hey Naina,

    Thought I’d share a tip I’ve worked out 🙂 I find if I brush my teeth, I’m less likely to snack between meals – like if I brush my teeth right after breakfast, the mint makes anything else taste gross haha so I don’t snack, but the mint flavour is gone by lunch, after lunch, I chew mint gum, and that works like a treat. 🙂 Water also tastes way better if you’re chewing gum while you drink it haha.

    PS I love your little site thing here, very inspiring. 🙂 Going to try some of your recipes and things if I can find the ingredients here in New Zealand 😛

    • I do that too – it’s one of the first weight loss tips I found and at first I thought ‘ew gross’ cos I didn’t like the minty toothpaste taste … but that’s exactly the point!
      The U.S. has SO many diet/ low fat products on the market (ironic right) so I can see the problem in getting the same items … but if you look around I’m sure you can find substitutes/ equivalents. Good luck with trying the recipes 🙂


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