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Your Handiest Helpers

Hand weights! What’s not to love: they are cheap, easy to transport and versatile. They can be used to tone your arms, upper back, abs, thighs, butt – you name it. I love to use them on my arms while I’m watching TV or reading a book, because it’s a sneaky way of toning up without feeling like you’re doing a hardcore workout. Keep them close to you at all times, and you’ll find that you’re burning a lot more calories every day. And watch that flab go away!

Where I got mine from: Walmart for $5 each. They had a bunch of colors and I decided to be girly and choose purple. You can also buy hand weights from a variety of sporting stores; they’re very popular!

What weight I use: I use 5 pounders, so when I use both together it’s an easy 10 pounds.

Here are some exercise you can do with your hand weights at home: 

































There you have it, a bunch of little helpful animated men. Here are some useful tips to remember: 

*You don’t need to have a bench at home, simply use the side of your bed or a chair, or lay on the ground.

*Always use resistance when using weights – do not simply swing your body part with the weight, because this will not have much effect. Tense and do the rep.

*Start out light and work your way up to heavier weights.

Happy lifting!


Running on those Rainy Days

We all know how it is: you get up in the morning and say “I will workout today,” and then take a look out the window. It’s cloudy, gray, possibly cold and most likely miserable. What a great excuse for you to stay in bed and cuddle up with your comforter/ significant other/ cat, munching on feel-good treats and watching TV.

STOP. Thinking this way is going to get you nowhere. You have two choices: make EXCUSES or make PROGRESS. And instead of spending an hour watching an episode of your favorite show (which goes by quickly, right?) you can be on a treadmill. The thought of getting out of the house may seem daunting, but once you are at the gym or outside in your exercise gear, you will feel much better. And by the time you’re done with your workout, you’ll be thanking yourself! I often tell myself “I wish I could extract the after-workout feeling and inject it when I’m feeling lazy to remember how it feels” – I’m kind of weird, but it’s the thought that counts!

This short motivational rant was inspired by Runstreet’s Getting out the Door to Run  and the horrible weather outside my window right now 😦