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Healthy is Happy

The thing everyone has to realize is that there will ALWAYS be someone skinnier than them, but that doesn’t define your beauty. You could be 300lbs or 100lbs and you will still be the same person. I love who I am now so why compare myself to anyone else? Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Being different sizes, having different hair colors, being different races makes us who we are and defines our beauty as a person. Being unique catches the eye.

If I were to gain weight then I’d gain weight, I know it’s possible to lose weight, I’ve proved that. There are some weeks where I gain 5lbs and lose 5lbs, who is actually noticing ? Live life by the day not by the scale. 

 I won’t change for anyone or be anybody else. I don’t let others pressure me about my image because I have control and will always have control. If I let someone tell me how to look then I would lose all creativity, your appearance is an art. I have never been one to conform. You need to love yourself for who you. Loving yourself is one of the most important things in living a healthy lifestyle. So you want to stop over eating? Then nip the culprits in the butt! YES it is difficult and won’t happen overnight but it will happen if you tell yourself everyday that it will. 

You shouldn’t avoid others because of your appearance. I love waking up out of bed no make up, glasses, messy hair, baggy pajamas and going to the grocery store, then baking, getting all messy, then going back to the grocery store because most likely I forgot something, and being so tired stopping for some coffee. If someone is judging the way I look, at least I’m being noticed right? I don’t like to look good or try to dress up all the time, even though it’s fun. Just be who you are and people will love you!! And if they don’t then what’s the point of keeping them around!? Find positivity in your life and that will lead you to happiness and healthiness.”


Beautiful excerpt of a quote by Undressed Skeleton .

Love yourself for who you are, be healthy and be happy. TRUE STORY.



Conquering the Snack Attack

Snacking is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. I love to eat: when I’m angry, when I’m happy, when it’s cold, when it’s hot, but mostly when I’m bored. Here is a little diagram that helps me decide whether or not I should put that evil snack in my mouth. And don’t forget: if the diagram’s cute, it’s gotta work!

Use this next time you're battling binge!