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Not-so-Krabby Patty Salad

I’m a diehard Spongebob Squarepants fan, and those of you who aren’t … tsk tsk, you just weren’t raised right 😛 I watched plenty of educational television too, but this show was my favorite (and still kind of is). How can you not love sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!

Anyway, this salad features a turkey burger patty atop a bed of lettuce, accompanied with fat free cheese and ketchup. It’s pretty much a burger, but without the bun and with a lot more veggie. Are you ready for some healthy ‘burgers’, cos in the words of Spongebob, “I’m ready, I’m ready!”


Step 1) Grill a lean turkey patty on a George Forman grill.  I use this because it extracts all the extra fat, but you can just grill it or put it on the pan – but use PAM, no extra oil or butter!

Step 2) Shred lettuce and place in a bowl. Top with sliced patty, fat free cheese slice and ketchup.

Voila, enjoy this BBQ bonanza without the bun! *awkward annoying Spongebob laugh*

– approx. 200 cal – 


Multi Grain Goodness Pancakes

The flax seed pancakes I made for mommy on Mother's Day 🙂 She also prefers this type!

Who doesn’t love a hot pancake for breakfast, or even lunch or dinner for that matter? I’m a big fan, but I steer clear of the common white fluff variety. I feel as though ‘normal’ pancakes don’t have any real consistency – you just chew ’em and they vanish! It makes me quite sad, and my waistline is not the happiest camper either when I nosh on this all-American breakfast staple.

But multi grain + flax seed = a much better version. A lot of people have an aversion to anything that contains ‘flax seed’ because it sounds disgustingly nutritious and not at all tasty. *BEEP*, wrong answer! These pan cakes are crunchy and have a nut-like flavor, are heavier and therefore more filling, and have a lot more valuable nutritional content.

How I make mine: 1/3 cup pancake mix, 1/3 cup skim milk,

The pancake mix I use, I highly recommend it!

 1/2 an egg (both white and yolk) 1 tsp olive oil. This makes one medium pancake. I cook them on the pan using PAM no-calorie spray, and eat them with sugar free grape jam (better than syrup!)

So simple to make, tasty, filling and nutritious. A perfect low calorie breakfast that’ll keep your tummy tank full till lunch!


Bombastic Black Bean Brownies

Yes, I know that I must sound completely crazy when I use ‘black beans’ and ‘brownies’ in the same recipe title. But believe me, I’m not. The black beans are a substitute for flour, and by using beans instead, you go from around 250 cals/brownie to only about 60! Now THAT is a huge improvement. Plus, you get additional vitamins and health benefits from eating beans instead of carb-filled flour. Can this get even better? Hold your horses – it can. Making these brownies pretty much involves only step. Believe it!

This recipe was created by Chef Rocco, but I used Ridiculously Healthy‘s recipe because it involves fewer ingredients. What can I say, I’m lazy sometimes 😦 

Step 1) Put all ingredients (except chocolate chips) into blender and blend really well. Leave it in the blender for a long time, otherwise pieces of black bean will be tasted/ seen. I blend my batter for about 5 minutes.

Pour into a baking dish sprayed with PAM and sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Bake at 350°F for half an hour.

– approx. 60 cal/ brownie – 

My Black Bean Brownies currently have an air-filled, soft consistency. I love my brownies thick and cake-like, so if anyone tries this and adds something to make them this way, PLEASE tell me! I’m currently experimenting, but I can always use your help! 

Hidden Salad, Crouching Calories

Every fast food joint these days is offering salad. You can finally rejoice and celebrate, thankful that you can go out to eat anywhere and find a healthy option. But think twice before you break out the celebratory dance – these salads are WORSE for you than other items on the menu.

How can this be? Salad is supposed to be healthy, right?! Not when they are created by the same people who brought you Double Baconators, Big Macs and other towering burgers. Loaded with ‘crispy’ meat (which is breaded and fried) and high fat dressings, the evil ingredients in these choices outweigh the innocent vegetables.

Here is a look at the salads of three major fast food joints in the U.S., and their burger you could eat for the same nutritional value.

Burger King

Burger King was the only fast food chain that didn’t have a salad that was worse than one of their signature burgers. But they still don’t deserve kudos – a salad with this many calories is not to be taken lightly.


At McDonald’s you can eat the Cheeseburger for less calories and almost half the fat of the Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Crispy Chicken. As always, the home of Ronald McDonald never fails to feed the obese masses.


I’ve saved the best for last. You might think the salad is OBVIOUSLY the better option … but lo and behold, you could have the whopping, fat-filled burger and still be doing your body better. 1330 calories for the BLT Cobb Salad – you can have an entire dish at Chili’s PLUS some of a desert for this value. Shocking stuff.

Of course I’m not endorsing burgers over salad – my point is that these particular salads are no guilt-free fare. So the next time you think ‘I’ll just have a quick salad for lunch,’ you’re far better off packing your own quick container at home than sacrificing your entire diet for something disguised as healthy.