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About the Cop

Hey there! I’m Naina (pronounced as the noise a horse makes + na) and I’m a health freak. I’m a college student and I still pack my own ‘travelling kitchen’ of healthy food and munchies, and I’m known in my family as the ‘food police.’

I wasn’t always this way though. Back in 2009, I had reached a point where I was pretty darn chubby. Being 5’7″ and weighing 165 pounds, I realized I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I turned to a friend who I knew had lost a significant amount of weight and asked her how she did it. That was the first step – getting the right support is essential.

I burned my butt off in the gym, went on long hikes and runs on the beach, and started to think about everything I put in my mouth. By doing so, I realized how much JUNK I had been consuming before! Yet by becoming so vigilant, I slipped into a few months of anorexic tendencies: think a few crackers, coffee and a yogurt  day. I didn’t do it intentionally, it just became a habit. Which I cracked when I realized that I wasn’t losing any weight – proof that starving never works!

I now eat lots and live strong. I’m also a gym junkie (there, I admitted it). I do a lot of other stuff too, though: I write for my college

With the boyfriend in Central Park. I love him, but I eat TOO much when we're together!

Launching our college magazine

newspaper, I’m the managing editor of my college magazine and I’m a ninja. The last one isn’t true, but it sounds cool. I also have a wonderful boyfriend, a family I love and a mother who supports all my health freak needs, and an imaginary puppy.

I also LOVE to travel. I lived in Malaysia for 7 years and explored Singapore and Thailand. I frequently visit Munich because it’s where the beloved is from, and I’ve popped round to Villach, Vienna and Venice. I’m currently looking forward to Berlin this summer! Here in the states, I’ve meandered  through New York, Boston, Philadelphia and the great D.C.

This blog is about helping all of you, as well as keeping myself motivated. From yummy food that I cook to my daily escapades, The Muffin Top Cop is a whole picture of healthy living.

Just because I lost weight doesn't mean I don't love food!

I'm also a HUGE fan of Starbucks - thank god they have light options

*I love photography, which is why all the photos on this site are mine unless stated. Please do not copy & paste without giving me credit –  it’s just mean! 

30 ’bout Me


1) am a gym junkie

2) don’t like music unless it’s in the car/bus/gym

3) had a cat that acted like a dog

4) wear fuzzy purple socks under stylish boots

5) turned into one of those Blackberry addicts

6) am a Journalism major

7) eat/ drink everything non-fat

8. love (but try not to) gossip [can’t use a bracket for this number because it turns into this: 8) ]

9) would be a billionaire if I didn’t go to Starbucks all the time

10) am not as confident as I come across

11) love baby pink nail polish

12) like silver more than gold

13) wish I was more motivated

14) hate plain water

15) look ugly when I sit at home in frumpy too-big sweatshirts

16) don’t give change to beggars – I’m poor enough, my money can’t fund their addictions

17) try not to care what people think

18) can’t sit tight without posters on my walls

19) enjoy the sound my BB makes when I get a message

20) get angry way too easily

21) check Facebook every 2 minutes when I’m bored (yeah don’t judge, you know you do too!)

22) am clumsy & fickle

23) want a puppy, very very bad

24) wish the world wasn’t so wide

25) am allergic to many raw fruits & vegetables

26) hate people with mean expressions

27) need to learn how to stop judging books by their covers (both figuratively and literally; I take ages in the library)

28) am too easily persuaded

29) am not sure if I need to be a better person

30) took too long on this – I obviously don’t know myself well enough!


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  1. Wow, nice blog you have there. Didn’t know wordpress can be so user friendly or was it you that made it looked so effortless for me to look around? I should have just used wordpress instead of blogspot. Now I regretted it!!!

    Anyway great blog, I love it and write more health tips. i can always link you on my blog too

    • It’s pretty easy, but it does take some tweaking here and there. Once you get the hang of it it’s pretty simple!
      Thank you, there will be a lot more stuff coming in the future. Keep reading! 😉

  2. I just found your blog, I love what I’ve read so far! Just started my own, finding my feet!


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