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Feeling Low? Fashion Show!

When I need a motivational boost sometimes, I go shopping. It makes me feel trendy to try on clothes and add things to my closet, and it makes me feel a lot better about myself when I can fit into the sizes I want 😀 It’s definitely positive motivation to stop snacking, which I’ve been doing a lot the past few days.

You may be saying “I don’t have the money to go shopping whenever I feel down,” and trust me, neither do I. I’m a student lacking the funds to by Prada and Pucci, but this doesn’t stop me from hitting the sales wrack at Forever 21, H&M and department stores like Sears and Macy’s.

Shopping also burns a LOT of calories. You’re standing up, walking around, looking through the wracks and working your arms. As long as you avoid the mall food court and stick to the stores, you’ll be doing your body a favor while you’re having tons of fun!

I bought these cute summer shorts today. They are loose and flowing and so comfortable. I bought the top a few months ago but haven’t worn it much, just once to an internship interview in New York. Both of these pieces are from Sears, and the ring is from eBay.

This cropped lace top is by Apostrophe, and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It’s light and breezy, perfect for hot summer days, and can be worn either during the day by the lake or to the clubs at night! The shorts are from H&M Germany.

All of these jewelry items are from Forever 21. I’ve had the ring for months and the bracelet for a few weeks, and today I found the elephant necklace and was so happy that it was in the same colors. Now I have a set!

I didn’t buy any of this stuff today, but since I was in the catwalk mood I decided to show you them anyway! I got the purple scallop skirt from Forever 21 last year, for only $6 (told you I work those sale racks). The shoes are from a thrift store – thrifting is even more fun cos the bargains are RIDICULOUS and you find so many unique things.

I got these studs from H&M. They’re only $3.95 each, and since I’m always losing my earrings I really needed to stock up. Really recommend them!

Stop moping around the house in sweat pants or pajamas. Get out there, get some new garments and feel fabulous!

What do you guys do to feel better on a lousy day??


About The Muffin Top Cop

A health freak college student; what an oxymoron, right? Journalism major, 19 years young. I'm into food (of the healthy variety), fashion and living fit. I'm known in my family as the 'food police' - that pretty much sums me up!

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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love how you shop at thrift stores, you dont have to by designer clothes to look great.

  2. Awesome blog! Follow me at 🙂

  3. Arghh, I love H&M. I really hope they will open one here in Malaysia. Can’t wait to shop there..


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