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Good morning everybody,

There are so many people who aren’t happy with themselves, and a lot of this unhappiness stems out of body image issues. So here is something I thought everyone should see, and something that I think it so true.

Of course we all wish we could have these features wrapped up into one amazing body, but most of us don’t. We are beautiful because we are different. Heck, most of the time I wish I had the abs of a lesbian gym owner (that one cracked me up) and various other features that are not mine … but I was given this body and it is my vessel for life.

Treat yourself right and be proud of what your mama gave ya!


About The Muffin Top Cop

A health freak college student; what an oxymoron, right? Journalism major, 19 years young. I'm into food (of the healthy variety), fashion and living fit. I'm known in my family as the 'food police' - that pretty much sums me up!

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