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Media & the Magical World of Photoshop

I feel pretty good about myself most days. Until I flip open a magazine and am bombarded by girls with stress-free skin and not an ounce of flab, flubber or blopdigleeglop.

So here’s a post for all those women out there who feel the same way as I do (and, correct me if I’m wrong, there are thousands!). Even celebrities can’t live up to their Photoshopped selves!

Faith Hill

Jessica Alba

Kim Kardashian

I’m not hating on these stars, nor the people whose entire careers revolve around Photoshop. It’s normal to want a better image of yourself put out in the public when the whole world is watching you, waiting to pounce with criticisms about how much weight you’ve put on and how chunky you look. But it’s sad that people (not just young girls, everyone is affected by the images they see) don’t understand the extents of Photoshop and assume that the skinny, flawless stars on magazine covers are NOT actually born that way! And what’s sad is that these stars don’t need to be so touched up: they are so naturally beautiful (secret: if I played for the other side, I would be lusting after Jessica Alba)

Oh, and here’s one just for laughs: a Photoshop job gone wrong:

Jessica Simpson

Either that’s a major editing mistake … or perhaps Jessica Simpson just has a thing for invisible guys who only reveal their hands.


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