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Sandwich Sans Bread

I have a problem with sandwiches because even though the filling may be extremely healthy, it doesn’t help if most of the calories come from the bread. Especially with ‘sammiches’ you don’t make yourself, the bread is toasted or pan fried with butter or oil to make it crisp and tasty (think Panera Bread sandwiches). You’ll be intaking hundreds of calories without even knowing it, and even thinking that you’re doing your body a favor ūüė¶ Not good.

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So when I came across this product, I was pretty impressed.

Waitrose has come up with a ‘lettuce boat,’ the modern diet-friendly version of a sandwich to-go. Instead of the fillings being stuffed between the slices, you can have your choice of chicken & mango, feta cheese, sweet chili chicken or oriental king prawn wrapped in a roll of lettuce. This makes the sandwich nearly calorie free – the perfect solution for those looking for convenient yet healthy lunches. It’s also quite affordable:¬†¬£2.50 for the first two fillings mentioned above and ¬£3.50 for the second two.

Waitrose has been far more successful at the bread-less sandwich than KFC, who attempted it last year. Instead of wrapping their goodies in veggies, they used breaded chicken breast to hold in bacon and cheese. Needless to say, this boat of lettuce is a much better idea!


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