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Oprah’s Weight Loss Finale

Oprah only has a few more episodes left before the end of her final season and she embarks on a journey with her ‘OWN’ network. Her last few episodes are dramatic, and try to encompass huge issues. The show that I recently watched definitely was ‘huge,’ in more senses than one.

Her ‘Weight Loss Finale’ was her very last weight-related episode. She has had many in the past 25 years, featuring obese individuals who had lost weight, experts on weight loss giving advice, and updates of her own body image problems. As we all know, Oprah’s waistline has fluctuated more than the stock market, and she stated this herself. That in itself showed how much courage she has, and revealed that even such accomplished people have ‘real life’ problems too.

*Note – don’t hate me for the quality of the the photos in this post – I took them all while I was watching the recorded episode, and pictures from a TV never come out good! 😦 

So this episode featured 100 people in the audience who had lost 100 pounds or more. It was really inspiring to witness all the individuals who had been inspired to lose weight from the various episodes of Oprah they had seen, and what a drastic change they had made in their lives.

A few of the featured behind their 'fat clothes' and then revealing their new selves.

One of the stories that really touched me was the tale of 11-year-old Mikaela, who had been overweight throughout her childhood. Her mom, who had also been obese, decided to lose weight and compete in a marathon, and after Mikaela saw her mom accomplish that, she asked for help in getting slimmer.

“Seeing my mom do it made me believe that anything is possible,” she said.

Maryann (lost 103 lb) and Mikaela (lost 50lb). Mother-daughter power!

One of the cases that I found funny was that of Mike. He was inspired by an episode with Dr. Oz, where Oz said that for every 35 lbs a man loses, his penis gets 1 inch longer! The rationale is that as the fat goes away, more of the penis is accessible. This sparked Mike  to lose a drastic amount of weight – 104 lbs, to be exact – and he looks pretty darn good now! Trust a man to only care about his ‘size,’ right?

Mike's before and after. He and his wife are very happy with the results! 😉

It’s sad to watch Oprah in the 4 p.m. time slot to come to an end, but at least she’s going out with a bang. Inspiring stuff!


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