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Today’s Discovery: Nayonaise

I guess I’m pretty late to figure this one out, but I discovered Naoynaise while checking out Eating Bird Food‘s blog.

I love the fact that in the United States, (almost) everything has a healthy version. From hot chocolate to chipotle dip, there is always a ‘diet’, ‘reduced fat’ or ‘light’ type. That doesn’t really explain why we have such a huge obesity problem here … but for those of us who are conscious about what we’re eating, it makes things a whole lot easier.

I used to LOVE mayonnaise; I would eat it with everything, including dipping french fries in it (gross, I know). However, when I started to lose weight, it was banished from my vocabulary. I wish I had known about Nayonaise.

Soy based Nayonaise

It is a product by Nasoya, a company that specializes in “producing delicious, innovative foods that promote the health and well being of our consumers and the earth,” according to their website. They bring to us Nayonaise, a wonderful vegan alternative to the goopy calorie-laden stuff.

With only 35 cals per serving, it is  a step up from the 57 cals per serving traditional mayonnaise has to offer. Of course, I still wouldn’t top everything with Nayonaise, but at least I can indulge without punishing my waistline.

It’s not just abou the calories, though. This version of the lovable sandwich spread is created from all natural ingredients – none of that heavy processing or manufacturing you get with ‘normal’ products. That’s enough to convince me!


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A health freak college student; what an oxymoron, right? Journalism major, 19 years young. I'm into food (of the healthy variety), fashion and living fit. I'm known in my family as the 'food police' - that pretty much sums me up!

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