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The 6 Week Shred

I found this piece on Women’s Health and it really caught my interest. I’m looking to lose about 10 – 15 lbs in the span of 2 months (just in time for my trip to Germany to see the boyfriend), but even if you don’t have anything planned, who doesn’t want a hot summer bod?

Women’s Health has planned out an exercise regime in two types: one for people who don’t currently run, and one for those who are already in the groove of it. You can also find a meal plan to help guide you on what foods to eat, how many calories to intake and what is ‘safe’ to munch on.

I always end up tweaking these plans to suit my lifestyle. I run for more than 30 minutes a day, and usually stay in the gym for around 2 hours messing about with weights and whatnot. I also don’t strictly follow the food plan, because I don’t always have what they recommend in my kitchen. I just substitute different things that have around the same calorie count, but it’s helpful to have an outline.

So come on ladies, get moving! Lose those pounds!


About The Muffin Top Cop

A health freak college student; what an oxymoron, right? Journalism major, 19 years young. I'm into food (of the healthy variety), fashion and living fit. I'm known in my family as the 'food police' - that pretty much sums me up!

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  1. You know all said and done, shedding pounds comes down to being deciplined, and following a schedule, I fully understand it simply because I follow one, and its challenging however, if you need to lose weight you must do it.


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